• French fries (VEG)
  • Fava (VEG)

    with caramelized onions

  • Variety of Greeks spreads

    Tzatziki, eggplant dip, chili cheese mousse

  • Zucchini balls (VEG)

    with yogurt mousse

  • Eggplant rolls (VEG)

    with cheeses in clay pot

  • Bruschetta with riganada (VEG)

    cream feta cheese, oregano

  • Wild mushrooms (VEG)

    simmered with graviera & thyme

  • Mozzarella di Bufala (VEG)

    with basil pesto and cherry tomatoes

  • Vegetables on the grill (VEG)
  • Sausage stuffed

    with tomato and feta

Sea Appetizers

  • Sauteed calamari

    with basil pesto

  • Shrimps saganaki

    with Kefalonian feta cheese & tomato

  • Mussels

    with garlic, thyme & white wine

  • Mussels saganaki

    with Kefalonian feta cheese & tomato

  • Grilled octapus

    with fava & flavored oil

  • Grilled Calamari

    with oatmeal & vegetables

  • Fried Calamari
  • Fried anchovies


  • Vegetarian soup (VEG)

    celery root, green apple
    and roasted peanut

  • Fish soup

Traditional Cheeses

  • Variety of Kefalonian cheeses (VEG)

    (small / large) graviera, myzithra, feta & kefalotyri

  • Grilled Chios Mastelo cheese (VEG)

    with grape chutney


  • Greek salad (VEG)

    (tomato, cherry tomatoes, cucumber,
    capers, olives, onion, nut, & feta)

  • Tuna salad

    (fresh tuna, fresh leafy salad, cherry
    tomatoes, corn & dressing Yuzu)

  • Salmon

    (gravlax salmon, creamy Mediterranean
    cheese, fresh leafy salad & citrus dressing)

  • Quinoa (VEG)

    (Royal quinoa, beetroot, goat cheese,
    cucumber, fresh basil & orange dressing)

  • Apagio

    (fresh leafy salad, pomegranate, cranberry, walnuts,
    cheese balls with mavrokouki & pomegranate dressing)

A La Tartare

  • Tuna Tartare

    (cucumber, cherry tomatoes, chives, Dijon
    mustard, onion shallots, olives, capers, olive oil)

  • Beef tartare

    (pickle, cucumber, onion lettuce, capers, chives,
    Dijon mustard, soy & poached egg option)

  • Sea bass Ceviche

    (onion, peach, lime, coriander, tiger milk)

Traditional Greek Cuisine

  • Mousaka in clay pot

    (100% ground beef, eggplant, potato)

  • Vegetarian mousaka (VEG)

    (eggplants, zucchini, potatoes)

  • Yemista in oven (VEG)

    (tomato & capsicum stuffed with rice
    and fresh fragrant herbs)

  • Kefalonian meat pie

    (traditional filo pastry with a filling of pork,
    lamb, rice & fresh fragrant herbs)

  • Lamb shank fricassee

    (white lemon sauce, fennel
    and flavored herbs)

Risotto - Pasta

  • Mushrooms risotto (VEG)

    with white truffle

  • Beetroot risotto

    with smoked trout

  • Zucchini risotto

    with Craw fish

  • Orzotto (barley)

    with shrimps & craw fish, cherry
    tomatoes and fresh basil

  • Tagliatelle with salmon

    fennel & baby spinach

  • Linguini Bolognese
  • Linguine with shrimp

    fresh tomato sauce & herbs

  • Seafood linguine

    (shellfish, calamari, shrimp, crayfish)
    cherry tomatoes & fresh basil

  • Linguine with lobster (for 2 people)

    fresh tomato sauce & spices

Exclusively & More... at “Apagio”

  • Chicken fillet

    with mashed carrots (puree),
    curry and red wine

  • Lamb chops

    with mashed eggplant (puree)

  • Crispy belly pork

    with mashed sweet potatoes
    and wine sauce

  • Tomahawk pork chop

    (800gr-1000gr) with baby potatoes

  • Beef Ribs

    with exotic sauce and baby potatoes

  • Black Angus Rib eye steak

    with grilled vegetables & baby potatoes

  • Chateaubriant beef fillet

    with mashed potatoes flavored
    with truffle oil (for one person)

  • Burger ala Greca

    with bacon, graviera, caramelized
    onions, tomato, lola & sauce

Shrimps - Craw Fish

  • Shrimps

    with cream, garlic and
    Kefalonian cheese

  • Grilled shrimps

    with olive oil & lemon mix

  • Royal shrimps

    with Gremolata

  • Craw fish on the grill
  • Fritto misto

    (fried shrimps & calamari served
    with French fries & tartare sauce)

Fish Fillets

  • Swordfish (slice)

    with lentil salad & fresh herbs

  • Tuna fillet

    with lentil salad & fresh herbs

  • Sea bream fillet

    with lentil salad & fresh herbs

  • En Papillote sea spotted bass

    with briam vegetables roasted in wax paper

  • Salmon fillet

    with mashed beetroot & citrus fruit sauce

  • Apagio souvlaki

    with salmon, tuna, swordfish and tartare sauce

  • Sea bass


  • Sea bream


  • Group Α (by the kilogram)

    (red sea bream, red mullet, sea bream, sea bass,
    black sea bream, white sea bream, white grouper)

  • Group Β (by the kilogram)

    scorpaena, cod, golden grouper)

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