• Fried potato chips (VEG)
  • Fried potato chips (VEG)

    served with grated feta cheese and riganada

  • Variety of cold appetizers (VEG)

    (Tzatziki, skordalia (mashed potato & garlic),
    eggplant dip, taramosalata, hummus, bread sticks)

  • Fried courgette balls (VEG)

    served with refreshing yoghurt dip

  • Vegetable balls (VEG)

    served with a green mayonnaise sauce

  • Eggplant saganaki (VEG)

    served with caramelized onion, tomato and feta cheese

  • Smoked eggplant in rice filo pastry (VEG)

    served with tomato marmalade and Haloumi cheese

  • Bruschetta (VEG)

    with pesto, mozzarella cheese and tomato tartare

  • Riganada (VEG)

    served with fresh tomato and olive cheese

  • Piperonanti (capsicum) stuffed

    with Cephalonian feta cheese and Lefkada salami

  • Grilled variety of mushrooms (VEG)

    served with a honey and mustard dressing

  • Mushroom Ragou (VEG)

    served with syglino (pickled pork) and gruyere cheese

  • Grilled vegetables (VEG)

    served with crispy corn filo pastry and grilled Manouri cheese

  • Grilled rustic sausage

    served with pita bread, tzatziki and pickled vegetables

Seafood Appertizers

  • Bruschetta

    served with salmon gravlax and
    a creamy Mediterranean filling

  • Crab croquettes

    served with a nut crust and
    an artichoke Carpaccio

  • Prawn saganaki

    served with smoked eggplant hünkâr

  • Mussel saganaki

    served with feta cheese and tomato

  • Seafood saganaki

    served with Haloumi cheese in an eggplant Bruschetta
    (mussels, prawns, oval pigtoes, craw fish, calamari)

  • Grilled octopus

    served with lime and stuffed capsicums

  • Octopus Carpaccio

    served with dark tomato jellies & ouzo
    in pickled vegetables

  • Marinated anchovies

    served with a salad of black-eyed beans
    and hot peppers


  • Chicken soup/soup of the day (VEG)
  • Fish soup

Traditional Cheeses

  • Cephalonian feta cheese saganaki (VEG)

    (fried cheese) with vegetables

  • Grilled Chios Mastelo cheese (VEG)

    with avocado tartare and grapes

  • Tyropitari (VEG)

    (grilled cheese pie) with citrus fruit


  • Caesar salad

    (lettuce, chicken, bacon, parmesan cheese,
    croutons, corn and Caesar sauce)

  • Rustic salad (VEG)

    (tomato, cucumber, capsicum, onion,
    pyromades and olive cheese)

  • Shell-shaped pasta

    served with tuna salad and fragrant herb salsa

  • Zucchini Carpaccio

    served with finnocium and salmon rosettes
    (garlic flavoured mustard sauce, fennel and mint)

  • Fiskardo (VEG)

    (rocket lettuce, spinach, lettuce, red lollo lettuce, sundried tomato,
    croutons, eggplant, cheese balls and honey dressing)

  • Tabbouleh with craw fish

    (groats, parsley, fresh vegetables
    and lemon dressing)

  • Quinoa (VEG)

    (with fruit, vegetables, Salmon Carpaccio
    and sweet mustard dressing)

  • Green salad (VEG)

    (with grilled vegetables, tortilla filo pastry,
    grilled Manouri cheese and mustard dressing)

  • Apagio (VEG)

    (crispy filo pastry, lettuce, spinach, goji berries,
    blueberry, strawberries, cashews, mango,
    orange dressing, mint and white chocolate)

Traditional Greek Cuisine

  • Moussaka in a clay pot

    (beef mince, eggplant, potato, béchamel sauce)

  • Vegetarian moussaka (VEG)

    (eggplant, potato, béchamel sauce)

  • Gemysta (VEG)

    (tomatoes & capsicums stuffed with rice and fresh fragrant herbs)

  • Cephalonian meat pie in a clay pot

    (traditional filo pastry with a filling of pork,
    lamb, rice & fresh fragrant herbs)

  • Briam (Ratatouille) (VEG)

    (summer vegetables, tomato, mint, fragrant herbs)

  • Lamb shank fricassée

    (white lemon sauce, fennel and greens)

  • Pork lagoto

    (pork neck, bread crumb, walnut,
    tomato salsa and strained cheese lump)

Pasta - Fresh Pasta

  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Spaghetti a la Greca

    (rustic sausage, capsicums, tomato,
    feta cheese, olives)

  • Penne cacciatore served with chicken

    (tomato, bacon, capsicums)

  • Pennes with smoked eggplant (VEG)

    (Haloumi cheese and cherry tomatoes)

  • Tagliatelles (VEG)

    with white truffle sauce

  • Prawns pasta
  • Salmon penne

    (cheese cream, mustard, Vodka)

  • Apagio seafood

    (mussels, oval pigtoes, calamari, prawn, craw fish)

  • Lobster pasta
  • Pappardelles

    with Ragou beef meatballs

  • Tagliatelles with craw fish

    (mustard sauce, honey and soya)

  • Spinach Ravioli (VEG)

    (with Portobello mushrooms, white cheese cream
    and saffron)


  • Vegetables and sundried tomato (VEG)
  • Mushrooms (VEG)

    portobello & pleurotus with truffle sauce

  • Chicken

    with mustard, honey and savory (satureja)

  • Salmon

    with ginger and lime

  • Prawn saganaki
  • Craw fish

    with beetroot and mango

  • Apagio seafood (orzotto)

    (mussels, oval pigtoes, calamari, prawn, craw fish)

Exclusively at “Apagio” *

  • Ainos chicken

    (sautéed chicken fillets, mushrooms, garlic, cream)

  • Chicken curry

    (with green curry, fruit and cashews)

  • Apagio pork stuffed with vegetables and feta cheese

    (served with red capsicum sauce)

  • Without Guilt (Horis Enohes)

    (turkey kebab on toasted riganada
    served with vegetable tzatziki)

  • Beef Ribs

    served with BBQ sauce

  • Lamb Ribs

    served with Mavrodaphni wine and citrus glaze

  • Uruguayan Black Angus Rib eye steak

    (fragrant herb butter or vegetable chutney)

  • Drunken Cheeks (Methysmena Magoula)

    (veal cheeks served with wine sauce and potato gnocchi)

  • Picanha Tagliata!!

    (veal rump cooked in cast iron for 2 or 4 people)


  • Fried calamari

    served with horseradish sauce

  • Fried anchovies

    served with black-eyed bean salad

  • Fried cod

    served with twin-coloured skordalia

  • Grilled calamari

    served with vegetables tartare & lime sauce

  • Tuna tartare

    (with quinoa, fruit jellies and Martini
    & Bianco vinaigrette)

  • Salmon tartare

    (on quinoa salad and crispy rice filo pastry
    served with sweet & sour sauce)

  • Prawns

    with cream garlic and mustard

  • Grilled prawns

    with olive oil & lemon sauce

  • Grilled king prawns

    with tartare sauce

  • Fritto misto prawn

    and calamari with tartare sauce

  • Roastedcraw fish

    with Carpaccio courgette marinade

  • Mussel saganaki

    with feta cheese and tomato

  • Steamed mussels

    with leek, feta cheese and thyme

  • Mussel

    with garlic, lemon & white wine

Fish Fillets - Fish

  • Swordfish (slice)
  • Tuna fillet
  • Sea bream fillet
  • Sea bass (whole)
  • Bream (whole)
  • En Papillote sea spotted bass

    served with Briam vegetables roasted in wax paper

  • Salmon fillet

    with a sweet mustard crust

  • Apagio souvlaki

    with salmon, tuna, swordfish and tartare sauce

  • Fish (Group A) by the kilogram

    (red sea bream, red mullet, sea bream, sea bass,
    black sea bream, white sea bream, white grouper)

  • Fish (Group B) by the kilogram

    (scorpaena, cod, golden grouper, red mullet)

Cooked to Order

  • Chicken fillet
  • Beef burger
  • Lamb chops
  • Pork souvlaki
  • Pork steak

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